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MC System Company

What is MC System? MC system represents fully developed complete innovative system of production, transportation and assemblage of prefabricated ferrocement elements. All of this is achieved
with tools, scaffold & platings specialy designed and built for this production. Essentially it’s a quick, easy, simple and inexpensive innovative system of construction of a high quality, stable, safe and durable, but also adaptable facilities suitable for man’s needs with a positive attitude towards nature, ecology and energy efficincy. Advantages of MC System AT LEAST 20% LOWER PRICE Provides savings of min. 20% compared to conventional building systems, depending on the size.
50% LOWER COSTS OF EXPLOITATION The impact of wind or dynamic loads is drastically reduced because of the arched and hemispherical shape of the objects. Wind simply slips over the building because there is no tile or metal roofs that could detach from the stucure.
200% FASTER CONSTRUCTION MC System is fast and simple construction method of high-quality, stable, safe & durable objects. Prefabrication allows the production of elements indoors, in controlled conditions the hole year long. Such elements are made of uniform, high quality and they allow much faster constriction of the building on the site. With MC System a hall of 1000m2 can be built in just 15 working days, while the house of approx 110m2 on two levels takes 10 working days. From the above you can see that you can have at your disposal the finished object in the shiprtest possible time.